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God has been very good to me and I'm so grateful I wanted to share some of the photo's He has allowed me to capture, some of the music He's allowed me to record, and the message He's given me the privilege to preach at Northshore Church! I hope you find each a blessing! My site is under construction. Links to photo galleries are coming! Free downloads of music and a link to my messages are below. Thanks for visiting and come back soon!


My Music

Free Streaming or Download


I have recorded three contemporary Christian Rock Albums. My first album was an album, Vinyl!! You can download all three albums by clicking on one of the two buttons below. Follow the instructions to set up a free account with Noisetrade.com and enjoy the Music!


My Message

Northshore Church

I have had the privilege of serving as the Senior Pastor of Northshore Church for 19 years! If you would like to watch, listen to, or read a message, just click on the button below!