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Genuine Love Credits

Produced by Dennis Ritchie MUSICIANS: Keith Thibodeaux - drums (appearing courtesy of David and the Giants and Myrrh Records)/Mark Rucker - bass, vocals/Kirk Henderson - acoustic & electric guitars, saxophone, slide guitar, vocals/Barry Hamil - keyboards, vocals/Terry Busby - acoustic piano, vocals/Dennis Ritchie - keyboards, vocals/Anita Renfro - vocals/Casey Davis and Tara Thibodeaux - vocals on “Hear Them Now”/Larry McEwen - lead vocal, acoustic guitar/Recorded at Trace Recording Studio - Jackson, Ms./Mixed at Stargem Recording Studio - Nashville, Tn./Engineer - Dennis Ritchie/Songs written by Larry McEwen and Kirk Henderson/Special thanks to: My wife Deborah (the patient one), Mom & Dad Mc, Grandpa & Grandma Mc, Mom & Dad Goode, Doc Rock, Friendship Church, Doris Busby, James Griffen, Brad Jones, Rick “the Classic”, Suzie Ritchie, Jerry and Christopher McEwen for inspiration on “Hear Them Now.” And for their support, thanks to Thomas & Fiesta McEwen, John & Karen Robinson, Ken & Alice May, Vince & Angie Woodcock, David & Kim Luzader, Brick Productions, Robert M. Maddox, Mark & Phyliss Givens, bobby Darville, and Charles & Aylene Clark. © 1985

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