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This album contains a wide variety of music styles from southern fried rock, simmering ballads, a sizzling jazzed up piece, and one country fried song. Larry's music is eclectic, and may change somewhat from song to song, but the message of hope is constant throughout. Produced by guitar great, Norm Stevens, the album includes eight songs written by the artist, two by Nashville song writer Rob Howard and one song by the late Mark Rucker. The original album credits follow...

Special thanks:

Jesus, no one knows Xtreme like You. The Cross says it all!!

Debbie, my soul mate for life and partner in ministry! 20 years of adventure and counting/Derek you are more than a son, you are a

friend and brother in Jesus. You have my deepest confidence and trust. Not many fathers can say that ...thanks!/Jessica, you are

beautiful on the outside, but it is the beauty of your heart, your love for Jesus, and your love for others that impresses me the most/

Leah, you’re only five, but I’m already seeing God at work in your life. Love to hear you sing & pray/ Pop and Naola Goode for

allowing me to take your daughter on a life- time journey. Ain’t not better in-laws no where,no way!/ Mom & Dad, what can I say?

You are my spiritual examples in life. Your lives have taught me more than all the seminary classes combined/ Rob Howard, your

grasp of true worship has touched my life and many others in God’s kingdom- I count it an honor to have your talents as a part of

this project/ Norm, if it hadn’t been for your belief and vision for this project it might never have become a reality. You will have a part

in each soul touched in this ministry/Linda & Robert/Jerry/Shirly & Wayne/Pa Q’wen/Juanita Williams/Walter &Glenda/Hovie Walker/

David Phillips/Dr. Steve Echols(couldn’t have done it without ya)/Dr. Shane Roberts/Jimmy Crawford/Riverside Praise Team/Keith

McBroom/Eric Bates/Dennis Ritchie/Dr. Bill Howse and Dr. Jack Glaze/ Gary & Joanne Hodges/Lyndon Bud Johnson/Phil, Lonnie &

all my friends in Haiti/Gary Weir/All my musician friends who lent their great talents to this project, Howard & Joyce, Mark & Craig


PRODUCED by: Norman Stevens/Engineered by: Norm Stevens, Mandy Stevens/Second Engineer: Michael Phillips/ Recorded at 5

Window Cab Studios (Pleasant Grove Alabama), Rob’s Place (Nashville, Tn) Rock Dogs Studio (Oklahoma City, OK)/Mixed and

Mastered by Norm Stevens/Larry T. McEwen - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine, shakers, rain stick, backing vocals/Rob

Howard - Piano, strings, organ, djembe, arranging, duet on “Quite Me with Your Love”/Mark Graham Tenor Saxophone, Soprano

Saxophone, Flute, Alto Flute/Mark Rucker - Piano fills, acoustic guitar, bass guitar/Norman Stevens - arranging, lead guitar, bass

guitar, acoustic guitar, sequence programming, backing vocals/Steve Lamb-Drums/Trent Austin-acoustic guitar, drums/Dennis

Brewer -electric guitar/Billy Lilly - mandolin, bass guitar, banjo/Tom McEwen (Dad) - Rhythm guitar and acoustic lead/Dan Goeller

and Tyra Nestzge-Sound Track for “I Think I’m Losing My Mind”/Mandy Stevens-Backing vocals, drum programming and sequence


editing/Randy Smith - backing vocals/Dave McCurley - Bass/Deborah McEwen - Cover Art concept and design/Kirsten Howard-

cover and booklet layout. Songs written by: Larry McEwen, Rob Howard, and Mark Rucker


Contact and Booking: & 985-960-3490

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