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For The Love of God Please Credits

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Dennis Ritchie/PRODUCED BY: Larry McEwen, Gary Boren, E. Lee Atkins/ENGINEERS: Dennis Ritchie, Steve Greene, E. Lee Atkins.Recorded at: Audible Image, Columbia, Tn. and Englewood Studio, Lufkin, Tx. Photography: John Goreman, taken at work-camp ChaCha Haiti. Musicians: E. Lee Atkins - Keyboards, sequencing, must have a main frame brain/Gary Boren - Keyboards, bass, guitar, mandolin, classic stuff!/Steve Green - Sequence master, must be the coffee/Kirk Henderson - Electric Guitar, Saxophone, how do he do it???/J. LaVon - Drums, don’t forget the tool box/Larry McEwen - Vocals, Let’s redo that vocal/Dennis Ritchie - Keyboards, vocals, sequencing, who needs autolocate/Mark Rucker - Bass, guitar, keyboard, background vocals, try to find an instrument this guy can’t play/Dennis Morphus - Ghost background vocal on His Rebel, (I liked) Special thanks: My Jesus (He can be yours too), my Proverbs 31 wife (wouldn’t make it without you), Mom & Dad (unlimited supply of love and wisdom), Mom & Pop (friends who destroyed the in-law myth), my little buddy Derek and Daddy’s little girl, Jessica, The Boggin’ Christian and the rest of my family who are so supportive, Brad at Studio Equipment Rental of Nashville, Dwight Lyles (vocal wisdom), Hand to the Plow Ministries, Jerry Putman and Brian Cooper (thanks for believing in this ministry), Dr. Jim, Dr. Ech., G. R. and Charlie. There’s big budget albums, there’s low budget albums, now we have a no budget album! Songs written by Larry McEwen, Mark Rucker, Kirk Henderson, and Gary Boren and are published by Mc’s Manna Music (ASCAP) ©1990

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